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WildLands Nursery produces healthy, hardy native plants for regions with arid shrub-steppe, flood plain and riparian ecosystems. Our plants are propagated and adapted to the harsh growing conditions of our region’s climate and geography. 

The nursery is owned and operated by WildLands, Inc., an environmental restoration company with 20 years’ experience in eco-restoration and revegetation.  For plant propagation, we draw on our knowledge and expertise in plant species, science-based cultivation approaches, and growing regimes.  We use best management practices, including monitoring for pests and disease, hardening and site adaptation to produce high-quality stock for successful transplanting. 

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Our hardy plant stock is suitable for the growing conditions of eastern Washington and Oregon and other areas of the Intermountain states.

Our nursery is located in the beautiful Columbia Basin of Washington State on a 100-acre site with rich, loamy soils ideal for growing many different species of plants. The area has a long growing season and receives approximately 6 inches of annual precipitation. Our nursery stock is suitable for a large region that includes areas in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, California, Arizona and Wyoming. 

Our nursery is designed with species-specific growing areas to meet the environmental requirements of diverse plant communities. We produce hardy plants that are ready for successful planting in arid or riparian environments. Our plants are grown in a variety of sizes – from 10-cubic-inch containers up to 25-gallon containers. We hold and transport our plants in temperature-controlled, mobile cold-storage facilities to ensure the best quality plants are delivered to your project.


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WildLands Nursery 68911 River Road Benton City, WA

(509) 588-4328