Gaillardia aristata

Gaillardia aristata – Blanketflower

WildLands Nursery specializes in native plant species. We offer diverse nursery stock, varieties and sizes, including Long Tubes and a wide selection of bareroot and container-grown plants, trees and shrubs. Adapted to harsh growing conditions, our plants offer heat tolerance and resistance to drought and pests.

Our Long Tubes are ideal for restoration projects, offering enhanced viability. Grown in 3-in.-diameter x 18-in.-long specialty tubes, Long Tube plants have a 54-cu-inch root mass. They can be planted deeper into the soil for better contact with perennial moisture. Long Tubes are available in a variety of native tree and shrub species.

Our knowledgeable, friendly staff delivers helpful customer service! We’ll assist you with selection of species and sizes. We’re available to answer your questions on plant installation and care.

WildLands Nursery services include:

  • Native Plant Propagation – Healthy, hardy plants in production sizes up to 25-gallon containers. See Plant Availability for our current inventory or contact us for special orders.
  • Wholesale Nursery Services – Nursery stock at wholesale prices for large-scale orders and for small, special orders.
  • Custom Orders & Contract Growing – Custom propagation and growing services available on a contract basis. We welcome special orders for particular plant stock, varieties or sizes.
  • Consulting – Expert advice and guidance on plant selection, installation and care. Our approaches are based on our extensive knowledge of native plants, complex ecosystems and proven methodologies for restoring, controlling and managing natural sites.
  • Custom Seed & Material Collection – Site surveys, inventory, and mapping using GPS technology. Our botanist monitors mapped collection areas to track phenology for optimal seed collection ripeness. We use proven techniques for identification, cleaning, handling, and storing to prevent contamination.
  • Wildlife Habit Enhancement — Plants for wildlife habitat.  Guidance for selecting native and non-native species that support wildlife needs in your area.


Visits to our nursery are by appointment only. Please call us to set up a time and date. We look forward to meeting with you!

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